Tamsin Corrigan

Art is the proper task of life – Friedrich Nietzsche

New ideas, new experiments, new circles

Technically I’ve been having these ideas for a while, but now that my two latest exhibitions are up and open to the public, I’m so ready to leave my ink prints behind and move on to new exciting things.

I’ve been working on my piece for the upcoming “What I See When I Look At” show, which has involved metal and chemicals. I had some new ideas and materials for this piece, and the months of testing were so exciting (I’ll be sharing a few images of those nearer the time of the exhibition!). A lot of things that didn’t work could definitely be pushed further and be used in other ways, so I’m eager to get into the swing of things while preparing for my next solo show at the SE9 Container Gallery. For now I’m beginning to test for a series of small sculptures which I hope will turn into installations, fingers crossed! This is my first outcome (better detailed photos to come).What do you think? 

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